If you are not in America fast enough, it must have failed. When there is another thing like, maybe I don`t want to go to America. I mean, it`s not SO great there anyway…

Someone could be falling in love with your smile part 2

Ragnar Lothbrok

get to know me meme: ten celebrity crushes → dianna agron

I didn’t have to feel as if I had to be everything. I was something. I was just me.

Dear Diary,

That’s the thing with diaries, they’re like movies. They’re just stories, filled with the things I saw and the things I felt. But when I look around, I see that everyone’s the protagonist of their own story. And the thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending. But some do. 

My Mad Fat Diary (series two)

Is it all lies, forever and ever, everyone and everything?

Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire (May 2014)

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